This is a general term that covers several operations. For example a tree may require Crown thinning, Deadwood removal and a Crown reduction, each of which are classified as pruning. Pruning is a skilled job requiring careful consideration of which branches or stems to remove and the correct position of cuts.

Formative Pruning

This type of structural pruning is carried out while the tree is still at the establishment stage. The main objective is the formation of a good stem and branch structure by improving the orientation, spacing, growth rate, strength of attachment and ultimately size of branches. Well planned formative pruning can prolong its useful life expectancy.

Restoration Pruning

Restoration pruning is necessary where a tree has been damaged, poorly pruned or fallen out of a regular management regime, resulting in the formation of a poor structure. Care needs to be taken due to the maturity of the specimens involved. Pruning will have to be spread over a longer time period and only a limited percentage of the leaf area removed at one time.